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Interesting information about the Bandog breed

Bandog is a fearless, non-aggressive and very confident dog breed. Dogs of this breed care especially about protecting their master, including his family, and are children friendly. It is an ideal combination of a pet and a personal bodyguard. Bandog needs an experienced trainer who will make him listen and obey from an early age. The only downside of this dog is its intolerance to other animals. Bandog dogs live on average for 12 years.

History of Bandog breed

The origin of this dog dates back to 1570. At the time its original name “Banneddog“ was used. The old name can be freely translated as “a tethered dog“. In the time of the Roman Empire, Bandog was being brought from England to Rome as a war-dog to fight in gladiator arenas.

PThe version of Bandog breed we can see nowadays was bred in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century by American vet John Swinford with the assistance of his colleagues from England and Australia. The Bandog breed originates from crossbreeding of the English Mastiff with the American Staffordshire terrier that was subsequently crossbred with a mastiff.

Simple transport possibility

We offer the service of sending
a dog directly to your country

If you are from abroad and would like to buy one of our dogs it is possible to send the desired dog directly to your country. Our dogs always come first and so we use a form of transportation that is the least stressful for them.

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